5 Dec 2018 Ferado

This message has only one purpose, to speak and testify my gratitude for the AnimaCare product BEHAVIOUR that I used lately for my cat Swami. I was in a situation of desperation with my four-legged companion.

Since I moved, two years ago, Swami kept meowing loudly at night, at the point of keeping me awake. I have spent sleepless nights. And I tried several ways to make these meow at night stop, I was desperate, until a Naturopath friend (Christiane Bouffard) speaks to me of your AnimaCare products.

As soon as I used your product BEHAVIOUR, in the same day I saw a change in his behavior. I was finally able to sleep a full night without being woken up by Swami. I found my cat from before the move. I had tears of relief.

I want to say a big thank you for your products of such effectiveness.
I am reassured to have access to such product in which I can trust.

My gratitude for AnimaCare products.
Thank you

Nathalie Lachaîne