12 Apr 2017 Ferado

You saved me a trip to the vet!

Hello Animacare,

I tried your health product for urinary tract and I was pleasantly surprised by the results!
My pussy, Rouquinette, is prone to infections (urinary, eyes, claws) and this product saved me a trip to the vet! Fabulous.
Thank you very much for your good health products.

Natasha S.L. (Quebec)

22 Jun 2015 Ferado

Testimony of a dog sitter

I once used Animacare Gastro on my twelve year old dog and on a female Bernese Mountain Dog , 6 years old.

The diarrhea stopped after two days for both dogs.

I put the anti-gastro drops directly on their food, once in the morning and once in the evening for 2 days, by the second night, everything was back to normal.

I used the product again on an old 13 year old Labrador, morning and evening and by the second morning everything was okay. It is very effective with dry food.

Regarding the gastro, I would say it is more effective than the medication prescribed by the vet, without paying for the visit… a miracle!!!

Michèle B., dog sitter, St Bruno QC

8 Apr 2015 cavalierKing


I had the opportunity to test some of your products and I wanted to tell you my satisfaction: my dog Balou, Cavalier King Charles, is soon 9 years old. It is a very cardiac breed and for 2 years now he has a serious treatment for the heart. This treatment made him gain weight and damaged his hair. I made him a cure of your drops for the weight (Animacare Weight Balance) and he has already lost 2 kg (by paying attention on his food also), and this in 8 weeks. Even better, the stomach, which was almost without hair, found new hair!

One and a half year ago, he had an accident: his tail was taken in the wheel of a car. During an operation, the spine, at the level of the tail, was very damaged and we almost lost him. Fortunately, he is always there, but he is fragile because he is subject to the degenerative osteoarthritis: I gave him a cure with your drops (Animacare Bone & Joints) to remedy this problem and since, he is now able to walk for longer walks and I do not need to go to the veterinarian anymore because his pains disappeared and do not require any anti-inflammatory drugs.

Thank you infinitely, and I join a photo of our companion.

Bénédicte F.